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In 1879 Lestor Pelton built the Pelton turbine of the same name. The principle of moving a water wheel through a jet of water was used well before its time. Mostly they were wooden horizontal impellers that moved millstones or saw blades in sawmills. Current models on the Pelton turbine impeller are oriented from one to six nozzles.


A Pelton turbine is ideal for large differences in height between 50 - 1000 meters and relatively small water flows.


In a Pelton turbine the water is fed at high speeds into the nozzle / nozzles. The jet of water escapes from the nozzle and hits the impeller blades, putting it into motion. The impeller is mounted directly on the generator shaft which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy. The Pelton turbine also has a high energy efficiency at high revs.


We can produce all types of Pelton turbines according to the ideas and needs of our customers. Thanks to the technical skills and logistics conditions of Tschurtschenthaler Turbinenbau, each Pelton turbine can be built and delivered in a short time.


Pelton turbine manufacturers. For 40 years Tschurtschenthaler Turbinenbau designs builds Pelton turbines by listening and analyzing the demands of its customers with the intent of being a national and international reference for the construction of Pelton turbines. During these 40 years, there are over 800 projects and constructions of Pelton turbines, increasing and confirming our professionalism in the sector. The built Pelton turbines can be viewed on this page: